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A full-service firm offering a wide variety of litigation, arbitration and transactional legal disciplines.



Butch Boyd Law Firm represents individuals and companies in a broad spectrum of commercial
and business litigation, including director and officer liability, shareholder disputes, securities, breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty, fraud, and accounting and legal malpractice. 

Our experience ranges from representation of small businesses to large companies that are at the forefront of their respective industries in cases ranging from day-to-day business disputes to complex, high-stakes commercial matters in state court, federal court and arbitration around the country.


We have extensive experience in a wide range of oil and gas matters, both onshore and offshore, including disputes between operators and interest owners, title disputes, and environmental damage claims. We represent operators, interest owners andservice providers in dealing with matters upstream, midstream and downstream.


Butch Boyd Law Firm represents trustees and creditors in bankruptcy litigation, including preference actions, fraudulent transfer actions, and other litigation in bankruptcy court. Handling this type of litigation requires special knowledge of bankruptcy law, as well as how to navigate the often unfamiliar
and complex Bankruptcy Code and Rules. We have the attorneys with the experience to get our clients the best results possible.


Patents, copyrights, trademarks and trade secrets often represent a company’s most valuable assets. With rapid advances in technology, companies both large and small are increasingly litigating intellectual property disputes.

Our attorneys have experience representing a wide variety of companies and investors in claims involving patent, copyright and trademark infringement.  Butch Boyd Law Firm works closely with clients to ensure that their business goals are met, whether by litigation or negotiated settlement.


We represent individuals and businesses in lawsuits involving personal injuries and products liability.  We meet people every day who have been injured by defective products, toxic chemicals, or careless and reckless acts of other people. Butch Boyd Law Firm has recovered substantial amounts on behalf of personal injury and property damage victims, and we have also successfully defended companies and professionals accused of causing injuries.


Litigation involving dangerous prescription drugs and defective medical devices has increased significantly in recent years. Although drugs and medical devices are regulated by the government, there have been numerous examples of drugs and devices that have been approved for use but are nevertheless unsafe and life-threatening.

Butch Boyd Law Firm represents individuals harmed by defective and dangerous drugs and medical devices, and is actively investigating other potential lawsuits.

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